.begin – Harris Federation (Fridays 14.00-15.30 from 5th June 2020)

Course Aim
An 8-week mindfulness course that allows you to learn mindfulness for yourself and to develop your own practice
5th Jun – 24th Jul 2020
14.00 - 15.30 - UK Time
Orientation/Session 1 - 5th June • Session 2 - 12th June • Session 3 - 19th June • Session 4 - 26th June • Session 5 - 3rd July • Session 6 - 10th July • Session 7 - 17th July • Session 8 - 24th July • Catch up (if session is cancelled due to instructor illness or broadband failure) - 31st July •
Via Harris Federation

.begin is an 8-week mindfulness course that allows you to learn mindfulness for yourself and to develop your own practice. The course is for those who are employed by a school or work within an educational setting on a regular basis or are the parent or carer of a child still in education and who are new to mindfulness. It combines the convenience of an online course that you can complete in the comfort of your own home with the intimacy of live, face-to-face delivery.

The benefits of mindfulness for school staff have been well researched. See Professor Katherine Weare’s paper Evidence for Mindfulness: Impacts on the Wellbeing and Performance of School Staff. In particular, reported benefits of mindfulness include:

  • a reduction in stress, burnout and anxiety
  • a reduction in the sense of task and time pressure
  • an improved ability to manage thoughts and behaviour
  • an increase in coping skills, motivation, planning and problem solving
  • an increase in self-compassion and self-care

Apart from the benefits you might find in practising mindfulness, those who complete the .begin course and continue to practise mindfulness on a regular basis can then qualify for further training to enable them to learn to teach mindfulness to children by completing either our Teach .b course to teach 11 – 18 year-olds or Teach Paws b to teach 7 – 11 year-olds. For more information about .begin please click here.

.begin takes the form of 8 weekly sessions of approximately 90 minutes, from Friday 5th June at 2.00pm – 3.30pm. There will also be home practice of around 20 minutes per day.

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