Guest Workshop: The World Needs More Forgiveness

Course Aim
Our Guest Workshops are led by experts from around the world and will provide a rich opportunity for you to explore a variety of topics and reflect on how mindfulness supports you and your teaching.
10th Oct 2021
2pm - 6pm

We are delighted to host our Autumn series of guest workshops exploring themes relating to mindfulness and inclusion.

This workshop is:

The World Needs More Forgiveness by William Fley

Forgiveness is a multi-disciplinary process within which mindfulness can help our understanding of the complex nature of interpersonal relationships which have caused us harm and grievance. Mindfulness plays a significant role in reducing negative effects such as unconscious bias, prejudice, and resentment; while forgiveness allows for the containment or projectory of deep insight and wisdom. The forgiveness enquiry is therefore a unique space which brings together the elements of non-judgement and benevolence towards unpleased discord which can dwell in our psyche for years unattended. The value of this process deserves full status and recognition as a working model for use within education, mental health and contemplative practice and how we work with issues of diversity and inclusion.

This half-day workshop will explore the concept and value of forgiveness, mindfulness, and racial trauma via teaching, practice and group discussion.

About our Guest Speaker

William is the founder and director of the Mindfulness Network for People of Colour, the UK’s leading organisation looking at ways in which mindfulness can be more culturally adaptive, inclusive, and trauma-sensitive for people of colour. He is a psychotherapist with a focus on child adverse conditions, including the challenges and the effects of ‘absent fathers’ on identity, transition and belonging. William researches and offers seminars and evidence-based research projects crossing over interdisciplinary frameworks that merge racial justice, psychology, forgiveness, and resilience trauma work, forest retreats and echo psychotherapy.

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Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is suitable for anyone regardless of their mindfulness experience.

How much does the workshop cost?

This half-day workshop costs £35.

This course meets the conditions of an exempt supply of education provided by an eligible body and is therefore exempt from VAT.