What is .begin?

.begin introduces you to mindfulness over eight weeks via small group sessions of approximately 90 minutes per week.

The course is delivered via video conferencing, allowing real-time interaction with your group whilst being led by a highly experienced MiSP instructor. It is suitable for those who either work in a school or, if you’re an outside provider, work within an educational setting on a regular basis in the UK.

Why .begin?

The benefits of mindfulness for school staff have been well researched. See Professor Katherine Weare’s paper Evidence for Mindfulness: Impacts on the Wellbeing and Performance of School Staff.

In particular, reported benefits of mindfulness for school staff include:

  • a reduction in stress, burnout and anxiety
  • a reduction in the sense of task and time pressure
  • an improved ability to manage thoughts and behaviour
  • an increase in coping skills, motivation, planning and problem solving
  • an increase in self-compassion and self-care

If you are also interested in teaching mindfulness to your pupils, it is important that you first learn it for yourself. It can, however, be tricky finding a suitable course that fits around patterns of work/location etc.

What will I get from .begin?

Apart from the benefits you might find in practising mindfulness, those who complete the .begin course and continue to practise mindfulness on a regular basis can then qualify for further training to teach either our .b curriculum (for 11 – 18 year-olds) or Paws b (for 7 – 11 year-olds).

Ready to .begin?

Apply now for a Monday evening course starting on the 8th January or a Wednesday evening course starting on 10th January.

How much does .begin cost?

Standard  – for those working in the fields of education and young people’s mental health in the UK: £195 + VAT per person

Group – for those working in the fields of education and young people’s mental health in the UK with three or more applicants from the same school or educational/mental health service provider on the same course: £175 +VAT per person

Supported  – those working in UK schools who have above average numbers of pupils receiving Free School Meals: £150 + VAT per person

Please note: if you believe your school or organisation should qualify for a supported place on grounds other than Free School Meals please click here to find out more.

What our .beginners say:

“Not only has the .begin course given me a new perspective on, and greater understanding of, mindfulness – it has also provided a different way of looking at life.”

“Within eight weeks I had not only found .begin had impacted upon my own life, but also helped me to think of ways to help my students.”

“The best thing about .begin is that it is offered online and you still have the sense of being on a course and connecting with other participants “

.begin was my first experience of an interactive online course and I was extremely impressed, I looked forward to each session.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the technology work for me?

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What is the time commitment?

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