Mindfulness for School Senior Leaders

Learn how to support yourself, your staff and your pupils..

About the day

This 1-day workshop is designed to be informative, practical and interactive. Numbers will be limited to ensure this is achievable. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience mindfulness and feel the benefits
  • Sample classroom-based mindfulness curricula for primary and secondary school pupils, and school staff
  • Hear from a senior leader who has successfully introduced mindfulness into their school
  • Meet with other senior leaders, sharing ideas and good practice
  • Make the case for mindfulness – how to convince your colleagues that mindfulness is worthwhile
  • Take your next steps towards bringing mindfulness to your school

“Great format, wonderfully paced, extremely knowledgable staff”  London, September 2016

Who is it for?

Head Teachers, Bursars or Financial Directors, Deputy Heads, Assistant Heads, and Heads of Sixth Form. School governors or heads of school consortia/multi-academy trusts are also welcome.

Please note that this course does not equip you with the skills and experience to teach mindfulness in your school. For further information about how to train to teach mindfulness in a school setting please click here

The content

Session 1: Mindfulness – the Fundamentals

  • Learn what mindfulness really is and what it isn’t
  • Where does mindfulness come from?
  • Identify the benefits of mindfulness for pupils and staff

Session 2: Try it for Yourself

  • Try a ‘FOFBOC’, .b and other practices designed for the classroom
  • Discuss how mindfulness may support those in a senior leadership position
  • Explore how to integrate mindfulness into a busy school day

Session 3: Sample some lessons from the MiSP curricula

  • For 7-11 year olds (Paws b)
  • For 11-18 years olds (.b)
  • For school staff (.b Foundations)

Session 4: How to bring mindfulness to your school

  • Hear from senior leaders about how to integrate mindfulness successfully in schools
  • Share ideas for effective strategies
  • Develop a plan of action

“Fantastic day, really clear perspective now on how to introduce it to our school”  London, September 2016

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