Reconnection & CPD Days

CPD Days: Develop your skills in bringing mindfulness to your schoolFor those who have already trained with Mindfulness in Schools Project our Reconnection & Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Days are an opportunity to further develop your knowledge and skills in bringing mindfulness to your school.

The day will be a chance to hear about developments in the sector, discuss the challenges and rewards of teaching mindfulness in schools, and receive information about MiSP’s new materials, including the four .breathe lessons aimed at the school ‘transition’ years of ages 10-14.

How much do the MiSP Reconnection & CPD Days cost?

This one-day course costs just £50.

This course meets the conditions of an exempt supply of education provided by an eligible body and therefore is exempt from VAT.

For further information please see the Terms & Conditions for attending a MiSP one-day course.

Upcoming courses

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