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Since its launch last year, it has become increasingly clear that some teachers have been using the animations and guided practices as a ‘press and play’ option during school sessions. This is not the intention of, which was designed to support the home practice that sits alongside the  curriculum. Having completed the .b / Paws b training, hopefully you will understand the importance and value of group-based classroom teaching of mindfulness. Whilst some of the practices on the website are very brief and straightforward, others – particularly those in later lessons – explore more complex experiences and need the ‘scaffolding’ of the accompanying lesson to help explain the concepts involved and support the student when they come to try the practice themselves.

The website will be password-protected from Friday 15th September 2017.

I’m a trained .b teacher and don’t know my passcode

I’m not .b trained

I’m a student doing .b at school and don’t know my passcode

I’m a student not doing .b at school

Why is there a passcode anyway?