Prerequisites for MiSP Residential Retreats

You will be eligible to attend the MiSP Retreat if you meet the following prerequisites::

Completion of an 8-week secular mindfulness course in person (or alternative approved pathway)

You must have completed in person a teacher-led, face to face, group-based 8-week secular mindfulness course. The following courses are accepted:

  • .b Foundations
  • .begin
  • MBSR
  • MBCT
  • Finding Peace in a Frantic World (teacher-led version only)
  • Breathworks
  • Mindfulness-Based Living Course (MBLC)
  • MSC (8-week version only and must have read the Frantic World)
  • Mindfulness For Life
  • The Present for Adults

Your course should have run for a minimum of 90 minutes per week for a period of 8 weeks. You must be certified by a qualified adult mindfulness teacher that you have completed an 8-week secular mindfulness course with them and give the name of your teacher and the date of the course.

This training forms an essential foundation and experiential understanding of a range of mindfulness practices that will support you through the more extended periods of practice during the retreat. It is assumed that you have engaged in these practises extensively before attending the retreat.

Please note: If, due to exceptional circumstances, you would like us to consider an alternative mindfulness pathway to those listed above, please contact Please note that we are unable to hold places until an application form is received.

A personal practice on 5 out of 7 days a week

To ensure there is time to continue to explore and deepen the practices you have learned on your 8 week mindfulness course, we require at least 2-3 months’ embedding period (depending on previous mindfulness experience) between the completion of your 8-week course and attending the MiSP Educators Retreat.

However, you can apply to attend the retreat once you reach the end of your 8-week course, provided you commit to ongoing regular personal practice.

We would expect this personal practice to involve a range of practices, including the formal practices explored as part of an 8-week secular mindfulness course, such as Breath and Body, Sounds and Thoughts, Turning Towards Difficulty, Body Scan, Gratitude and Compassion practices.

While shorter practices built into your day such as mindful eating, walking and breath awareness also form an important part of your deepening mindful awareness, we ask that you aim for a daily formal practice where possible for 20 consecutive minutes per day for the reasons outlined in 3. below.

For example, you may choose to focus in on body scan practices for one week, then explore other formal practices in subsequent weeks such as body and breath, sounds and thoughts or other silent practices. While it is important that you find practices that works for you, it is also important that you investigate and try the practices we list above. This allows you to develop both a broad and deep, experiential understanding of mindfulness practices. It will also form the foundation of your understanding and experience when it comes to attending the retreat.

At least 2-3 months of mindfulness practice from the end of your 8-week course and the start of the retreat

This period of 2-3 months embedding helps to stabilise and deepen your practice, which leads to a level of familiarity with the subtle workings of your mind. This in turn will provide a stable foundation from which to deepen your practice during the retreat.

You regularly work within the field of education and/or youth-based contexts, e.g. schools, youth centres, youth-focused contexts for local authorities or within the health system.

Please note: This is a residential retreat. If you have no previous experience of a retreats, please read the following carefully:

  • Days are long, and provide opportunities to deepen your own personal practice through extended periods of mindfulness meditation. The first practice session each day is before breakfast, and the last is after supper.
  • As with other retreats, and to enable you to be refreshed and ready for long days of practice, we would encourage you to keep the venue an alcohol and smoking-free environment.
  • Residential facilities are comfortable. May need more here about what to expect.

The fee includes accommodation, meals and some refreshments. The course will begin at 5pm on (start date), with attendees welcome to arrive and settle in from 4pm. The training concludes at (11.30am) on (last day). Lunch is provided for those who wish to stay for this before travelling home.

The venue are happy to accommodate most dietary requirements, but please ensure you provide full details of your needs and any allergies on application.

Please note that we require full attendance on all aspects of the retreat in order for final certification to be provided.

If you meet the Prerequisites for the retreat and agree to the Terms & Conditions for booking a course and the Terms and conditions of the MiSP Educators’ Retreat please complete the application form below.

Please note: The application form must not be completed by someone else on your behalf.