London Teach .b Foundations Course (June)

Dates21st - 23rd June, 2018
LocationMeeting and Conference Centre
24 Greencoat Place
Cost£465 + VAT

Teach .b Foundations is a course designed by Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) for adult mindfulness teachers to learn to deliver.b Foundations to adults in schools. For more details about this training course, please click here.

The training will run from approximately 8.30am with a 9.00 am registration time on Day 1. We will finish at 4.00pm on Day 1 and 3 and 5pm on day 2. Please note that we require full attendance on all aspects of the course in order for final certification and access to all teaching materials to be provided

This is a non-residential course and the fee includes refreshments but not lunch, which we ask you to bring with you.

If you meet the prerequisites for training and agree to the Terms & Conditions for booking a .b Foundations course and the Terms and Conditions of teaching the .b Foundations curriculum please complete the application form below. The application form cannot be completed by someone else on your behalf.

Teach .b Foundations (3-day) Application

1. Ongoing commitment of a Teach .b Foundations teacher

Being a .b Foundations teacher is not just about teaching mindfulness. If mindfulness is to become an established part of the education of children and young people, it is vital that the highest standards of professionalism and evidence-based integrity are maintained. We believe that this is in the interests of all those teaching mindfulness and the educators learning it. We ask that anyone applying to train to teach .b Foundations understands and agrees to the prerequisites and to continue to adhere to these standards on an ongoing basis.

1.1 - Personal Mindfulness Practice

Having an established personal mindfulness practice allows you to:

  • Teach mindfully
  • Embody mindfulness
  • Model mindfulness to other teachers and school staff
  • Guide practices with awareness
  • Skilfully respond in enquiry appropriate to a professional setting
1.2 - Teaching Mindfulness to teachers and school staff
  • Ability to facilitate interest and engagement within a professional setting
  • Holding of an open and safe learning environment for teachers and school staff
  • Good communication skills
  • Skilful management of group dynamics

2. Understand and commit to the prerequisites

2.1 - Completion of a Teacher Training Level 1 course as a teacher of mindfulness to adults with continued adherence to the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based teachers Good Practice Guidelines

.b Foundations is not designed to develop the skills needed to teach mindfulness to adults per se. This learning over 3 days has been developed to support adult mindfulness teachers with particular skills necessary for teaching other adults specifically in an educational setting. Therefore prior experience of teaching adult mindfulness is required as it provides a foundation for this further learning.

You must have taught one or more of the following courses at least twice before training in .b Foundations. The following courses are accepted: MBSR, MBCT, Finding Peace in a Frantic World, Breathworks, Mindfulness-Based Living Course (MBLC), or alternatively .b / Paws b courses.

2.2 - A well-established formal practice of at least 20-30 consecutive minutes, on 6 out of 7 days a week

Such practices, commonly found in MBSR and MBCT courses, provide the scaffolding that underlies both the .b and Paws b curricula. It is therefore assumed that those who attend our 3-day Teach .b Foundations training courses have a well-embedded experiential understanding of the key practices involved.

2.3 - Adhere to and will continue to adhere to meeting the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based teachers Good Practice Guidelines

Please read these guidelines carefully before applying.

If, due to exceptional circumstances, you would like us to consider an alternative training pathway, please contact the applications team on Please note that we are unable to hold places until an application form is received.

If you do not meet one or more of the conditions above and would like more information and guidance about how to train .b Foundations in the future, please click here.

3. Complete the Application Form

Please read the following questions carefully, and respond as fully and accurately as possible.
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