Conference 2022 Videos

Please click below for videos and presentations from our Conference 2022 speakers:

Making wellbeing the focus - Professor Lord Richard Layard

Exploring the intersections between wellbeing and mental health - Kadra Abdinisar

Mindfulness & compassion; opportunities to respond to the challenges of climate change - Jamie Bristow

Mindfulness in the context of wellbeing in education- Adrian Bethune & Faiy Rushton

Trauma-informed practice for young people & meeting ourselves with self-care - Uz Afzal

Mindfulness: Standards & wellbeing - Maggie Farrar & Alan Lee

dots research & dots in the classroom - Annabel Talbot

Finding our way in changing times - Susan Pollack

MiSP: Being well - next steps - Emily Slater

Keeping ahead of the curve: New agendas for mindfulness in schools - Katherine Weare