MiSP Inclusion and Support Groups

Mindfulness in Schools Project works with teachers and adults from a wide variety of educational settings and our curricula are taught to a very broad range of children and young people. We want our work to be inclusive, relevant, and accessible to all schools. Our Inclusion and Support Groups were set up to encourage dialogue to provide support to our communities and to facilitate mutual learning and development.

Initially established for one year in 2020/21, we were pleased to extend the groups again in 2021/22.  Subject to demand, MiSP is open to running the groups again in the future and potentially establishing new groups. Please contact us via support@mindfulnessinschools.org

The objectives of MiSP Inclusion and Support Groups

To provide a safe and supportive space for members to share challenges, experiences, and learning around mindfulness in schools.
To encourage representation of a broad range of school experiences, to raise awareness of relevant issues and to facilitate engagement with all school communities.
To identify barriers to inclusion and to constructively challenge existing structures around mindfulness in schools to influence and impact MiSP operations so that they are more inclusive and supportive.
To inspire participation, to enable MiSP to connect with more schools and to promote inclusion of all school communities in mindfulness in schools.

These groups met once per school terms and were open to anyone who has completed the following MiSP courses: .begin, .b Foundations, Teach dots, Teach Paws b, Teach .breathe, Teach .b or Teach .b Foundations.

Our Previous Groups

Culturally Diverse

For members who identify as Black, Asian, or from minority ethnic backgrounds.


For members who are men.


For members working predominantly with SEND/SEMH children whether in special or mainstream schools.

Independent Teachers

For members who teach our curricula in schools as independent, visiting teachers.

MiSP continues to be committed to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) and will be having ongoing discussions about its role in relation to this.  The Inclusion & Support Groups will be revisited as part of the overall strategy.

You can read our EDI Policy here. We would be very grateful if you could take part in our Diversity Monitoring by completing a short form:  Community Diversity Monitoring Form