Bring Mindfulness To Your School

Bring mindfulness to your school or setting

Bring mindfulness to your school: a life-skill they can come back to, time after time.

MiSP delivers a toolkit that can anchor a child for life, rather than a quick fix they forget just as fast as they learnt it. We help you bring mindfulness to your school; supporting you with developing your own mindfulness practice first, training you to teach mindfulness to young people and then potentially developing a culture shift in your school’s approach to children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Schools are confident in our programme because we treat the teaching of mindfulness as seriously as they would any other subject.

Our programme trains teachers in the skill of mindfulness before they begin delivering it in their classrooms. We know that this takes a commitment of time, money and energy from teachers and schools, and know from experience that this investment means that our teachers importantly are practitioners before they share their knowledge with pupils. To make a lasting improvement to children’s lives, and to be delivered well and safely, mindfulness needs to be taught by trained teachers.

Our curricula and materials are likewise supported by rigorous research in clinical psychology and neuroscience and are popular with all types of children, regardless of age, key stage, academic ability or background. Please see our Impact Data.

As any of our schools will tell you, the impact of our approach is clear. Embedding the programme properly is necessary for young people truly to benefit from what they are being taught.

For children, our programme is a toolkit for living fulfilled and confident lives. For the schools they go to, it is a way of getting the best out of pupils and preparing them properly for adult life. Popular for their simple and memorable techniques, they are popular with all types of children and in even the most challenging classrooms.

To find out more about our Pathways approach, which supports you in bringing mindfulness into your setting in a sustainable way, click here.

  • Step 1


    Step 1

    Explore Mindfulness

    Exploring the possibilities for introducing mindfulness in your setting

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  • Step 2


    Step 2

    Introduce Mindfulness

    Introducing mindfulness to staff and/or students

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  • Step 3


    Step 3

    Develop Mindfulness

    Developing a model and building a community for mindfulness within the setting

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  • Step 4


    Step 4

    Embed Mindfulness

    Embedding mindfulness learning and approaches throughout the setting

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  • Step 5


    Step 5

    Sustain & Share

    Providing a model of sustainable mindfulness that can be shared as a MiSP Beacon School/Setting

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