The Pathways

The Pathways is a framework created by Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) to support individuals in their own development of mindfulness practice and educational/youth-related settings on their journey to introduce a well-designed and sustainable mindfulness initiative, as part of an approach to organisational wellbeing.

The framework provides guidance, resources, and awards to celebrate achievements, as settings increasingly bring the benefits of mindfulness to students and to staff, recognising the values and attitudes of mindfulness within their wider culture.

The Pathways are founded upon experience. Since 2009, MiSP has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of schools and other educational settings, helping them to support the wellbeing and mental health of both young people and adults who work within them, as well as the broader community of families, governing bodies, other service providers and volunteers who support those schools. We have collated examples of successful implementation of mindfulness-based initiatives and key learning from where things have not quite gone to plan. The Pathways approach has evolved out of this rich learning.

The five developmental steps

The Pathways framework is built upon five developmental ‘steps’ (for an individual or organisation):

  1. Explore the possibilities for introducing mindfulness in your setting
  2. Introduce mindfulness to staff (through staff individually or collectively completing a recognised 8 week course) and/or straightaway to students (via booking an external MiSP trained teacher to deliver the student curricula)
  3. Develop a model for mindfulness taught in-house to students and building a community to share coordination of mindfulness initiatives within the setting
  4. Embed mindfulness learning and approaches throughout the setting where appropriate
  5. Sustain &  Share – further ensuring your mindfulness approaches are as sustainable as possible, and can also be shared with and inspire others by becoming a MiSP Beacon School/Setting/Trust

Please see our at-a-glance Pathways Model infographic here

Choose the starting point that’s right for you or your school…

  • Step 1


    Step 1

    Explore Mindfulness

    Exploring the possibilities for introducing mindfulness in your setting

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  • Step 2


    Step 2

    Introduce Mindfulness

    Introducing mindfulness to staff and/or students

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  • Step 3


    Step 3

    Develop Mindfulness

    Developing a model and building a community for mindfulness within the setting

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  • Step 4


    Step 4

    Embed Mindfulness

    Embedding mindfulness learning and approaches throughout the setting

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  • Step 5


    Step 5

    Sustain & Share

    Providing a model of sustainable mindfulness that can be shared as a MiSP Beacon School/Setting

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More information about the Pathways

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