Refresher Courses

Are you trained to teach .b or Paws b?

Would you like to refresh your knowledge of the curriculum you trained in?

These NEW one-day courses are an opportunity to refresh your understanding of the curriculum you trained in.

These refresher training courses are for those who have already completed a .b or Paws b training course. The courses consist of walkthrough teaching sessions, all of the key practices guided and woven throughout the day, pedagogy sessions, opportunities to practise guiding the practices with each other, with clear support and guidance on how to Lead Practice and Enquiry beforehand, plus a bespoke Q and A session with our trainers alongside discussions about next steps.

Our intentions for this course are threefold:

  • to refresh participants understanding of the curriculum they previously trained in
  • to continue to support the development of personal mindfulness practice
  • to continue to encourage the development of a sense of community amongst participants beyond the course as they work with the young people in their settings.

PLEASE NOTE: you can only attend a refresher course for a curriculum you are already trained to teach. For example, a .b teacher is not eligible to apply for a Paws b refresher and vice versa.

How much does the Refresher course cost?

This live online course costs £195 for Hub members and £225 for Non Hub members.

This course meets the conditions of an exempt supply of education provided by an eligible body and therefore is exempt from VAT.

You will also receive 6-months complimentary membership following the course to our Trained Teacher Hub, where you can access all the materials and support.

For further information about booking a course, please see the Terms & Conditions for attending a MiSP one-day course

For more details about each course and to apply, please see below.

Upcoming Courses:

All times shown are UK times.

Paws b Refresher

Tuesday 9th July 2024

.b Refresher

Wednesday 10th July 2024