MiSP supported places for UK Schools

Mindfulness in Schools Project’s (MiSP’s) charitable aim is to bring mindfulness to young people. To further this aim MiSP is offering supported places on our UK teacher training courses, Teach .b, Teach Paws b, Lead colleagues in .b Foundations and Mindfulness for Senior School Leaders, to UK schools who have above average numbers of pupils receiving Free School Meals. The teacher using this supported place will also be given free membership of the Teacher Network as long as they remain at the school.

MiSP gives free information and advice sessions to groups of schools around the country called Tasters. Once the school that has been awarded a supported place starts delivering the MiSP course, we may ask it to take part in these Tasters.

If you would like to apply for one of these places please read the Terms and Conditions below, complete the application form and scan and email it to charityteam@mindfulnessinschools.org.

Terms and Conditions for a supported place on a MiSP Course

  1. An application for a supported place must be made by a school or organisation.
  2. One application may be made per school/organisation per academic year.
  3. The employee of the school that takes up the supported place will NOT then charge for delivering the .b, Paws b or .b Foundations course.
  4. The offer of a supported place will be considered for schools who have above average numbers of pupils receiving Free School Meals.
  5. MiSP will issue a supported place code to the school should it be successful in their request.  This code is to be used by the school employee who takes up the place on their course application form.
  6. The nominated teacher in the school needs to apply in the usual way to the course of their choosing and will be asked for the code in the application process. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis, the 1st choice course may not be available. Please do not book travel or accommodation before being offered a place.
  7. The teacher applying to take up the supported place needs to satisfy the usual prerequisites for the course and accept the standard Terms and Conditions for the training course and for teaching the MiSP course to the young people.
  8. Free membership of the Teachers’ Network will be awarded along with the supported place for as long as the teacher taking up that course remains at the school.
  9. The applicant will be added to the MiSP mailing list unless specified to the contrary.

Supported place Request form

This form must be emailed to charityteam@mindfulnessinschools.org. Please either print and scan, or take a screenshot of the entire form, and send via email, per the instructions above.

All fields are required.

Declaration by the Senior Leadership Team that this information is correct and that they support the teaching of mindfulness in their school/organisation.
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