Conference 2021 Videos

Please click below for videos and presentations from our Conference 2021 speakers:

Mindfulness and religion – can mindfulness include people of faith? - Professor Mark Williams

How to include all learners - Professor Kiki Messiou

Building Community Using Creativity and Culture - Charisse Minerva

The Mindfulness Network for People of Colour and the forgiveness model of mindfulness - William Fley

Moving mindfulness from me to we, the relational aspects of mindfulness that transport practice from the cushion to daily life - Aesha & Dean Francis

Offering mindfulness throughout the Powys County Council Pupil Referral Service - Linda Gutierrez

Mindfulness and the reluctant learner - Peter Whitfield

Ubuntu Mindfulness in the community - Elizabeth Mpyisi

How can mindfulness welcome all social classes? - Dr Colette Power

How mindfulness and self-compassion can nurture LGBTQ+ community inclusion in schools - Dr Raphael Jay Adjani

The power and potential of mindfulness in cultivating inclusive school leaders - Maggie Farrar

Including all children as Mindfulness Ambassadors - Chevone Charman-Osborne

Wave MAT’s strategy for inclusion - Rob Gasson & Ceri Skilton

Reflections from MiSP’s Men’s Inclusion and Support Group - Richard Woodland

Inclusion at MiSP - Chivonne Preston