Early Career Teachers’ Support Fund

What is MiSP’s Early Career Teachers’ Support Fund?

Our Early Career Teachers’ Support Fund is a small fund that can support the training costs for early career teachers.

The number of teachers leaving (and considering leaving) the profession is increasing year on year. Research evidence shows the positive impact that practising mindfulness can have on teachers which includes improved stress regulation, greater self-compassion and increased teaching efficacy. We believe that if teachers have the opportunity to learn mindfulness early in their careers it can support them as they face some of the challenges of the profession. It will also help them to notice the moments that they enjoy and contribute to the positive development of relationship with colleagues and pupils.

Additionally, feedback from our Class Impact surveys tells us that teachers who teach our curricula to children and young people find it hugely rewarding and beneficial experience.

This Fund will support teachers so that they can learn mindfulness for themselves, supporting their professional and personal development, and train to teach our curricula early in their careers so that they can bring mindfulness to more children and young people.

Who can apply?

This Fund is available for teachers working in any type of school in the UK within four years of the date that they achieved Qualified Teacher Status. There is no restriction on the number of applications a school may make.

What are the prerequisites?

No previous experience of mindfulness is required. We will need confirmation of your commitment to complete the course in full, and evidence from your employer of their support for this CPD. If you are applying to the Fund for financial support with Teach dots, Teach Paws b, Teach .breathe, Teach The Present, or Teach .b courses, we will need confirmation from your headteacher that curriculum time will be made available to teach the lessons to children and young people during the school day.

How much is available?

In order to support as many early career teachers as possible, this Fund will provide 50% of the course fees. This is a small fund which we will allocate on a first come first served basis. The majority of the Fund will be awarded to teachers working in state-maintained schools, but up to 6.5% of the Fund will be available to independent schools, mirroring the estimated proportion of pupils estimated to be educated by the independent sector.

How do I apply?

Please complete the form below to apply to MiSP’s Early Career Teachers’ Support Fund.

Terms & Conditions for an Early Career Teachers’ Support Fund award:

  1. An application for the Early Career Teachers’ Fund must be made by an individual teacher, within 4 years of their PGCE qualification date.
  2. The application must be supported by the school that they are employed by.
  3. If the application is successful, MiSP will issue an ECTSF Award code to be used by the Applicant on their course application form.
  4. The Applicant must apply for the relevant course via our website and will be asked for the code in the application process. Course places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. If the preferred course dates are unavailable, the Applicant may apply for the same course on a later date. Please do not book travel or accommodation before being offered a place.
  5. The Applicant needs to satisfy the usual prerequisites for the relevant course and accept the standard Terms and Conditions for the training course and for teaching the MiSP course to the young people.
  6. If the Applicant attends a .begin course, they will complete three ECTSF feedback forms (i) prior to the course (ii) directly after the course (iii) one year post attendance of the course. This will help us to assess the impact of the Award.
  7. If the Applicant attends a Teach dots, Teach Paws b, Teach .breathe, Teach The Present, or Teach .b course, they will provide sufficient data to assess the impact of the Award on children in their school. Where possible, they will also get the classes that they teach to complete Class Impact Surveys.

MiSP reserves the absolute right to confer awards at it’s own discretion.