A selection of videos that offer further information about what mindfulness is, the benefits and effects and who MiSP are:

Conference 2022 Videos

Being Alive And Knowing It
A brief animation that explains what mindfulnes is:

Student Voices
Students tell us what mindfulness means to them:

Teacher Voices
Teachers tell us their thoughts on mindfulness:

Mindfulness in Schools Project
Who are MiSP and what do they do?

The Benefits of Mindfulness
MYRIAD Project

One School’s Experience of Mindfulness
MYRIAD Project

Richard Burnett’s Ted Talk
Our co-founder and Chair of Trustees gives a Ted Talk on mindfulness in schools:

Jerome Flynn – Changing My Life
Highlights from actor Jerome Flynns talk at our 2019 Conference.

2018 Conference Highlights
Highlights of our 2018 Conference headlined by Jon Kabat Zinn: