Teacher Retreats

We are committed to providing additional support to those practising mindfulness and working in schools and other educational contexts. We are therefore pleased to termly online one-day teacher retreats. These are open to anyone who is working in an education or a schools-related context, and has completed a recognised 8-week adult mindfulness course.

What’s involved?

A day of coming together as educators to reconnect with and/or deepen practice.

An ongoing mindfulness practice provides the foundations for sharing mindfulness with others. Embodied awareness is at the heart of this.

This one-day retreat therefore represents an opportunity to re-connect with your practice as part of a community of people working in educational contexts.

Starting at 10am and finishing at 3.30pm, the first half of the day will consist of a mix of formal and informal practice, enquiry and group discussion. In the afternoon sessions there will be periods of silence, combining practising while sitting, stretching, walking and journaling. Participants will have the option for this to be a silent retreat if they wish to.

Attendance certificates will be provided to all participants, and we will welcome feedback from those who attend the retreat.

What are the prerequisites?

Our Teacher Retreats are open to anyone who has completed an approved 8-week adult mindfulness course and is working or volunteering in a school or other educational setting.

How much does it cost?

This one-day retreat will FREE for Hub members and just £30 for non-Hub members.

This retreat meets the conditions of an exempt supply of education provided by an eligible body and therefore is exempt from VAT.

If you are not currently a Hub member but have previously completed a MiSP course, we invite you to renew your membership. Membership fees start from just £25 and Hub membership now includes FREE access to our annual conference, as well as access to additional webinars, materials and resources.

Upcoming Retreats

To view upcoming retreats and book a place, please visit our Course Schedule.