Mindfulness in Schools Project and the New Curriculum for Wales

MiSP’s curricula are not designed with an intention to adhere to any specific national curricula criteria. Instead they are supported by well-researched theory and practice from the spheres of mindfulness, neuroscience and social and emotional learning.

However, the breadth of learning arising out of these approaches sits well with many aspects of prescribed and national curricula.

The New Curriculum for Wales is a very good example of such complementarity, and particularly in relation to the Four Purposes, all six Areas of Learning and experience and more specifically the descriptions of learning for the Health and Wellbeing Area of Learning.

Overview - mapping our curricula to the Four Purposes and Integral Skills

Detail - how mindfulness underpins the Four Purposes of the Curriculum for Wales

Detail - mapping MiSP lessons specifically to the six Areas of Learning

Detail - how mindfulness can support 'WHAT MATTERS' for Health and Wellbeing

Mapping mindfulness more broadly within the new Curriculum for Wales