Online Training

We deliver all of our training courses in an online format.

This means that you can now learn mindfulness and train to teach MiSP curricula wherever you are based around the world.

Our priority is to ensure that the online training experience is of the highest standards, offering a rich and engaging learning experience for participants.

We have taken care to ensure that each online training day is designed to include a blend of teaching, mindfulness practice and discussion with regular comfort breaks for time away from the computer screen.

Scheduling our courses

We offer training courses open to the public scheduled on UK time. You can find our training calendar here.

If you are based overseas, we are also able to schedule additional courses to suit the availability of educators in your time zone. If you would have a group of educators that you would like us to train, please email with details.

English language

We provide our online training in English.

We require all participants to be able to speak and understand English to an Upper Intermediate Level : able to interact fluently with native speakers, communicate effectively and understand everyday language.

We work with international organisations to offer training in languages other than English. You can find an up to date list of MiSP Training Overseas here.


In order for our online training courses to run smoothly, we require all participants to attend the training …

  • Having checked all technology is working to a quality that allows for full engagement with the taught course. For our multi-day courses this will include attendance on a pre-course Zoom orientation and checking session.
  • In a quiet space where they will not be interrupted or distracted.
  • With their video / webcams on during the course.
  • Fully committed to engaging in all taught sessions and activities