How we support you with teaching mindfulness to students

Skills Workshops

At each stage of teacher development from Step 3 onwards teaching skills workshops provide ongoing training for our .b, Paws b and dots teachers. These 90 minute workshops will provide an opportunity to:

  • Explore core themes and skills
  • Develop mindfulness teaching competencies
  • Build connections with others in this sector
  • Access expert guidance on implementing mindfulness in schools

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Group Mentoring

Ongoing training for our trained teachers in the form of 60-90 minute Group Mentoring sessions. These provide the opportunity to:

  • Explore specific themes or issues in order to provide support and learning on key aspects of teaching MiSP curricula.
  • Share learning around teaching a specific lesson or practice (in contrast with the broader themes explored in Teaching Skills Workshops).
  • Develop a sense of community to support each other in best practice of teaching mindfulness within a schools or CYP (Children and Young People) context.

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Reconnection & CPD Events

For those who have already trained with Mindfulness in Schools Project our Reconnection & Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Events are an opportunity to further develop your knowledge and skills in bringing mindfulness to your setting.

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