Teach Paws b (7 – 11)

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“The best thing about doing Paws b is how it helps us to be calm when we are in a worry.”
Paws b Pupil

“The more I teach it the more I love it.”
Paws b Teacher


10 year-old Noah chats about the Paws b mindfulness course and how it has benefited him:

Pupils from Bishopston Primary School in Swansea discuss their experiences of Paws b curriculum.

Teach Paws b prepares participants who have met the prerequisites to teach the Paws b curriculum in schools or other educational or youth-related organisations.

The Teach Paws b course consists of real-time lessons, pedagogy sessions, discussion groups and opportunities to practise guiding the Paws b exercises with each other.

Please note: This course does not qualify those who take part to go on and train others to deliver the curriculum. Nor may they share the teaching resources with others. If your place on a Teach Paws b or Teach .b course is going to be funded by your school or other organisation, we recommend you make this clear to them before enrolling for this course. For further information, please see the Terms and Conditions.

At the end of the course, participants will receive six-months free membership to The Hub where you can access electronic booklets and all the materials needed to start teaching the lessons:

  • Student Booklet
  • How to teach Paws b booklet
  • Teacher’s Notes on each lesson
  • PowerPoint slideshow of each lesson
  • An introductory PowerPoint presentation for colleagues

Potential Benefits For Students

  • Promotes well-being and resilience
  • Offers knowledge and skills applicable to the child’s life
  • Can be individually tailored to suit each child
  • Extends the thinking skills learning which is promoted in the national curriculum such as neuroscience and metacognition
  • Paws b has been designated by CASEL as a recommended program for social and emotional learning

What are the prerequisites?

Our training is open to school teachers and non-school teachers alike but as with all the main mindfulness programmes, it is expected to be taught only by those who regularly practise mindfulness themselves.

Research shows clearly that mindfulness is more effective when taught by those who embody the particular qualities it develops, such as open-minded curiosity, kindliness, acceptance, trust, patience, and non-striving, and who have skills of focusing, and paying and switching attention.*

Teachers of mindfulness need to be able to model what they are teaching, and to understand and relate directly and empathically to experiences their students may be having from a solid base in their own life. (Similarly, you would not expect a teacher who had never been in water to teach swimming effectively!)

View the full course prerequisites before applying.

* Crane, Rebecca S, Willem Kuyken, J Mark G Williams, Richard P Hastings, Lucinda Cooper, and Melanie J V Fennell. “Competence in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses: Concepts, Development and Assessment.” Mindfulness 3.1 (2012): 76-84. Web.

How is Teach Paws b delivered?

This course is available as a live online course over 4-days or 8 sessions of two hours each  – check our course schedule for upcoming courses.

How much does Teach Paws b cost?

This live online course costs £620.

This course meets the conditions of an exempt supply of education provided by an eligible body and therefore is exempt from VAT.

You will also receive 6-months complimentary membership to our Trained Teacher Hub.

Discounts for group bookings may be available. For more information, please contact enquiries@mindfulnessinschools.org

We continue to offer supported places to state-funded schools meeting our criteria click here to find out more.

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This course may be run as a private session for your organisation, find out more about private group courses here.

The Paws b Curriculum

To find out more about the Paws b curriculum:

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that regularly come up during our training courses. Please have a look through them on our FAQ page. If you have any further questions, you will be able to ask your lead trainer during your training course or feel free to contact: support@mindfulnessinschools.org

Read feedback and testimonials from previous course participants.

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