Step 5 – Sustain & Share

Providing a model of sustainable mindfulness that can be shared with other settings as a MiSP Beacon School/Setting – We provide guidance for settings on keeping a portfolio of all the work initiated and developed to create an organisation wide approach to mindfulness, which has been tailored to meet the needs of that unique school and integrated into the setting’s existing structures. This can then be submitted as evidence of a sustainable mindfulness model for that school and they can then apply to become a MiSP Beacon setting.

They would then be able to work more widely in the community with other schools and share their practice, supporting other settings in developing their own sustainable mindfulness approach.

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Frequently asked questions

Why train ‘in-house’?

Whilst you need outside expertise initially to kick start mindfulness, an in-house ‘mindfulness lead’ plays an important role in embedding it for the longer term by:

  • Running eight week-courses and drop-in sessions for staff on an on-going basis.
  • Developing a depth of personal understanding to guide and orient your school’s mindful culture
  • Tailoring the teaching and practice of mindfulness to your school’s own unique needs. Every school is different.
  • Doing the above in a way which is affordable and sustainable.

Can anybody train?

No. You need to have developed a depth of personal understanding of mindfulness and experience of how it works in schools.