How To Do It

How to bring mindfulness to your school or setting

For you, your class and towards a whole school approach

Where to start

Our curriculum content can be adapted to suit any school or educational/CYP (Children and Young People) setting and reflect its particular needs. Many of the schools in our network started with a single trained teacher, delivering mindfulness to a single class or pilot group

Once a school has a trained teacher, that person can use our materials to teach class after class. But we frequently find that, through its success and popularity, schools quickly grow their mindfulness curriculum to cascade through year groups and fully embed within their school’s culture.

We have developed our Pathways framework to support individuals in their own development of mindfulness practice and in educational/youth-related settings, on their journey to introduce a well-designed and sustainable mindfulness initiative as part of an approach to organisational wellbeing. Please see below for details of the first steps and how to get started and see our at-a-glance Pathways Model infographic here

Step 1

Explore the possibilities for introducing mindfulness in your setting

You can formally begin your journey with the Pathways by taking ONE (or more) of the following actions:

  1. Find about more about the Pathways here
  2. Request the Pathways Starter Resources
  3. Request a Mindfulness in Education Information Webinar recording or attend a LIVE webinar
  4. Request a Sample lesson for dots, Paws b and/or .b
  5. Book onto a Teach .breathe training course


Organise an ‘in person’ Taster -These on site taster sessions are not delivered by MiSP but by a local independent MiSP-trained .b Foundations teacher. The taster will last 60-90 minutes, will be held at your school and a fee will normally be charged. To find a local .b Foundations teacher check our map.

Step 2

Complete an eight-week mindfulness course and develop a mindfulness practice

Combining the convenience of a live online course with the intimacy of face-to-face delivery our .begin course introduces you to mindfulness through weekly online group sessions led by a MiSP instructor.


.b Foundations – an eight-week course delivered on site by an independent MiSP-trained teacher to a group of at least 12 staff. This option is suitable for schools who have a sufficient number of interested staff to make an in-house course viable and who are able to find a local mindfulness teacher who is available. To find a local .b Foundations teacher check our map.


Complete a recognised 8 week mindfulness course – see accepted courses here.

And then continue to develop a mindfulness practice with support from MiSP.

Step 3

Apply for a teaching course

Once you have developed a regular mindfulness practice you are ready to train to teach either dots (for 3-6 year olds), Paws b (for 7-11 year olds) or .b (for 11 to 18 year olds). Our Teach dots, Teach Paws b and Teach .b courses consist of real-time lessons, explanations of the pedagogy and time to practise guiding the exercises.

At the end of the course, participants will receive six-months free membership to The Hub our exclusive teachers’ Hub and all the materials needed to start teaching the lessons.