Participant Feedback – .begin

Total number of participants to 31st March 2021: 891

Number of feedback forms received: 634 | Proportion of participants represented: 71%

Would you recommend .begin to others?

How well organised was the course?

How well structured was the course?

How knowledgeable was the instructor?

How approachable was the instructor?

How useful were the different functions?

Comments from Participants from 2020 .begin courses:

“You’ve changed my life for the better – thank you! I can’t wait to train to teach it to my students now”

“A fabulous tutor and course highly recommended”

“I loved every minute! Thank you”

“Loved it, thanks for enabling me to live a less frantic life!”

“Great course. Really helped me to have a greater understanding of mindfulness and enhanced my practice.”

“Think mindfulness is a hugely useful and powerful toolbox of skills for life, that everyone should learn and use, the earlier the better!”

“I can only say “Thank You” to the instructor and the people who put the course together.”

“Life changing.”

“A lot of practical activities, discussions.”

“I liked how easy it is to incorporate some of the activities into my day to day life.”

“It helped me get to know myself better and taught me routines and strategies to improve my mental and physical well being.”

“It made me look at myself and life differently, i was rushing through life but i found it has made me take time for myself and enjoy the smallest things in life i often missed.”

“Learning life strategies.”

“Understanding how we deal with situations and then how we can change this to focus on the present.”

“Enjoyed all of it, was a brilliant course”

“I would like to do it all again as I enjoyed it so much!”

“Thank you for such wonderful course and learning experience.”

“This course has been life-changing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to explore mindfulness or spirituality.”

“I have already recommended the course to two of my colleagues (one is currently enrolled on one of your courses) and I will be looking at doing further training with MiSP in the future.”

“I think it was extremely simple and useful way of introducing mindfulness into our lives. The tasks eased you into mindfulness. By the end of 8 weeks a 20 min mindfulness mediation was easily achieved.”

“The course was fantastic. Highly recommend to anyone interested in mindfulness.”

“So much food for thought and many opportunities for making real, positive life improvements.”

“It allowed me to begin to control my emotions and concentrate on being present in any situation and turn off my autopilot”

“Eight weeks gave me time to develop my practice and embed it. Often with CPD, it is one hour in a staff meeting and I have forgotten it by the time I get home.”

“I have found this course amazing, i am looking forward to learning more and deepening my understanding of mindfulness.”

“I learned some great skills to aid my self care and how to aid others self care.”

“The tutor was amazing.”

“It made me realise some of my unhealthy behaviours and has made me have a much more positive outlook on life.”

“You are doing a wonderful job!!!! Thank you for MISP!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it to others.”

“The course leader was fantastic and we really all built a bond over the 9 weeks. We also developed practices that have changed our lives.”