Preliminary Step – Explore Mindfulness

There are several routes to learn more about mindfulness, and how you can introduce it to your school. Choose any one or combination of these to get started and find out more about:

Information Webinars

We offer free 45-minute live Information Webinars to support anyone interested in finding out more about mindfulness – what it is and what it isn’t, the research evidence around potential benefits, what it looks like in a schools context, and recommended next steps should you wish to explore mindfulness training further. There will also be an opportunity at this session to find out if .begin, our 8-week live online course is right for you.

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This informative and engaging one-day course introduces teachers to mindfulness, the science behind it, how it can support individuals in schools to enhance their wellbeing. Participants will also be trained to deliver .breathe, our four lesson curriculum for 9-14 year olds to be taught in the classroom as part of the Personal, Health, Social and Economic Education (PSHE) curriculum in Years 5-9.

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Sit Together

Every so often, we invite the worldwide educational community to join us in a series of free online daily practices. These drop-in sessions are intended to nourish, support and connect us with each other, and everyone is welcome. To find out more and register for the next series of Sits, go to our Sit Together page. You are also welcome to join us at our Schools Sit Together every half term.

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