The Pathways FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Pathways

How much does it cost to join MiSP’s Mindfulness Pathways?

Are there any other benefits of joining the Mindfulness Pathways?

Must participating organisations all develop in the same way?

Do I have to be in a school to take part in the Pathways?

How do I persuade my Setting/Senior Leadership that it is a good idea to get involved?

Can I skip a step and go straight to the next one?

Will I get resources to support me along the Pathways?

I do not work full time in a school or child/youth-related context but have an ongoing relationship with one. Can I still be involved or oversee the Pathways within that setting?

We have already had some input/training in mindfulness, but this was not provided by MiSP. Can we still take part in the Pathways?

What do I have to do to qualify for each step?

What happens if we reach a Step and then have a break/there is no further mindfulness input for a period of time?

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