Locate a .b Teacher

Please use our interactive world map to locate a .b teacher who has been trained to teach the .b curriculum in schools to young people aged 11-18. If you would like to learn more about mindfulness generally, and how you can introduce it to your school, the MiSP team are here to help click here

DISCLAIMER: All .b teachers have met our mindfulness prerequisites before being accepted onto the Teach .b course, but please note that Mindfulness in Schools Project does not endorse these teachers by listing their details here. We would encourage you to discuss your needs with individual teachers, and to ask them about their experience as a mindfulness teacher of young people and check whether or not they have undergone recent Safeguarding/Prevent training, in order to determine their suitability.

You will need to use your mouse wheel or the map tool (+) to zoom into your area as there may be more than one person there. Then hover over a dot Map dot to view the teacher’s name and location; click on a dot Map dot for teacher contact information.