The Pathways – Step 2

The Pathways

Step 2:
Introducing mindfulness

Get ready for Step 2

The intention of Step 2 of the MiSP Pathways is to introduce mindfulness to staff and/or students in your school or setting.  There are some things you can do to start to get ready for Step 2.

If you want to keep a record of your development in introducing mindfulness to your setting/school, you could build a MiSP portfolio (optional) and collect evidence of these suggested activities or a record of your own ideas. A completed portfolio will be needed to apply for Step 5 of the Pathways.

Here are some suggested things you can do to GET READY for Step 2 of the Pathways

  • Book onto .begin, which is MiSP’s 8-week mindfulness course that allows you to learn mindfulness for yourself and to develop your own practice. It combines the convenience of an online course that you can complete in the comfort of your own home with the intimacy of live, face-to-face delivery. Support with course fees is automatically awarded to applicants from State Schools in the UK.
  • Access a map to find a local trained .b Foundations teacher who could offer a Taster session or an in-person 8 week .b Foundations course to staff in your school.
  • Start your Pathways Portfolio.
  • Use the Reflection sheet to consider your setting’s needs for Step 2.
  • Contact for any further information

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