Mindful Music launch online resources for all ages

Many of you will remember Martha Wright of the award-winning charity Mindful Music speaking and playing the clarinet so beautifully at our A Million Minds Matter conference last year. Her team of talented musicians have now created some wonderful resources to support families and individuals of all ages during these times.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Mindful Music team wanted to share their care, love, practice and expertise in music and guided meditations. They decided to create a homemade digital resource ‘CD’ to share on a pay what you can basis to ensure it can reach those most in need. Their wonderful community of artists have given their time freely with joy.

“Aware of the suffering in the world, and the current call to cultivate the conditions needed for well-being to be possible, the Mindful Music community have come together, with joy and hope, to share our singalongs and deep rest meditations with those in need.”

Martha and her team would like these new resources to be as accessible as possible in particular to families with limited financial resources. Their hope is for the music to reach as many in need as possible regardless of socio-economic circumstances.

You can receive and enjoy each pack here: www.mindfulmusic.london/resources

Please visit their website to learn more about their work and to donate to support this project and to enable Mindful Music freelance artists to keep doing the wonderful work they do!

As the song says: take good care.