Step 2 – Learn Mindfulness

If a more mindful culture in schools is to become a reality, a core group of staff exploring and practising mindfulness is essential.

At its most simple there are two main reasons for staff to learn mindfulness:

  1. Mindfulness enhances the well-being and resilience of staff among many other benefits. ‘Evidence for Mindfulness: Impacts on the Wellbeing and Performance of School Staff‘ by Katherine Weare, Emeritus Professor, Universities of Exeter and Southampton
  2. Teachers need to have understood mindfulness personally – from the inside – before they can be expected to teach it well and safely to young people.

Which MiSP eight-week courses would you recommend?

There are two options, depending on the number of teachers interested in finding out about mindfulness and the availability of a local .b Foundations teachers:

.b Foundations

.b Foundations is an eight-week course delivered on site by an independent MiSP-trained teacher to a group of at least 12 staff. This option is suitable for schools who have a sufficient number of interested staff to make an in-house course viable and who are able to find a local mindfulness teacher who is available.

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.begin is a live online eight-week course for individuals and small groups delivered by a MiSP-trained instructor.

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