MiSP Youth Ambassadors: Enaya Ali

Enaya Ali

Enaya is in her final year of sixth form, taking Economics, Psychology and Sociology A’ levels this summer. She hopes to study Psychology at university…

How did you first learn about mindfulness?

“I first discovered Mindfulness in Year 7 where we were introduced to the sessions but they were not delivered consistently at the time. However, I came back to it at Year 10 where I completed the .b course in order to help me get through my first GCSE exams.”

How does mindfulness help you?

“Mindfulness helps me most when I get nervous or feel a panic attack before going into an exam, so doing practices really help me control my breathing patterns. When the stress and anxiety kicks in I do a lot of overthinking which can result in further stress. Mindfulness helps me acknowledge those thoughts, accept them and move on.”

Why do you want to be a MiSP Youth Ambassador?

“Having learnt mindfulness myself, I want to take my journey further by introducing it the young people of our generation and helping them reach their full potential. Knowing that I have this skill to help me makes me determined to show other young people the positive results that mindfulness brings, and being a MiSP Youth Ambassador can help me achieve this.”