Pathways Step 2 – coming in the Autumn!

Supporting you as you develop your personal mindfulness practice

The stage of development, following an eight week course, where you continue to develop your personal mindfulness practice, can feel a bit isolated if we don’t have other people around us who practice. It’s also a period of time where we might want to build on the changes and benefits we have already begun to experience in the way we relate to ourselves, our life and our work.

With this in mind, we have developed two new Skills Workshops that support Step 2 of the Pathways framework. These workshops, being initially run in July, are a taster of the further resources which will be coming in the Autumn.  They will continue to help you examine the role mindfulness has to play in supporting you at work, in communication and relationships, and provide a starting point for bringing mindful approaches to working with children and young people. We recognise that this is a key area of development for people wishing to train to teach the MiSP curricula and hope that the content explored in these workshops, alongside the existing Hub Practice group sessions and One Day Retreat, will provide further opportunities for personal practice reflection, connection and sharing.

The launch of other support materials for Step 2 will be on their way this Autumn! And watch out for more Skills workshops coming soon!

What are the steps on the Pathways?

Step 1 – Explore mindfulness

From today, you can start your Pathways journey or simply register your interest in the following ways:

  1. Request a free Starter Resources pack, which contains all the information and resources you need to learn more about mindfulness and how to introduce it to your school or setting.
  2. Request a free pre-recorded Information Webinar or book a bespoke Information Webinar for your setting. Both will explain what mindfulness is and isn’t, explore the research into potential benefits, the steps to bringing mindfulness to your school or setting and an opportunity to find out if .begin, our 8-week introductory mindfulness course, is right for you.
  3. Book onto a .breathe course and learn to introduce our mindfulness-based wellbeing programme to support transition (to ages 9-14 years).
  4. Find a local .b Foundations teacher to deliver a Taster for your setting.

Find out more about Step 1

Steps 2-5

Launching one step at a time with Step 2 coming in Autumn 2023:

  • Step 2 – Introduce mindfulness to staff (through staff individually or collectively completing a recognised 8-week course) or straight away to students (via booking an external MiSP-trained teacher to deliver the student curricula)
  • Step 3 – Develop a model for mindfulness taught in-house to students, and build a community to share coordination of mindfulness initiatives
  • Step 4 – Embed mindfulness learning and approaches throughout the setting where appropriate
  • Step 5 – Sustain and Share, further ensuring your mindfulness approaches are as sustainable as possible and can also be shared with and inspire others through becoming a MiSP ‘Beacon School/Setting/Trust.

Why approach mindfulness in this way?

Since 2009, MiSP has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of schools, other educational settings, Local Educational Authorities and Multi-Academy-Trusts, helping them to support the wellbeing