Prerequisites for the School Mindfulness Lead

If mindfulness is to become an established part of the education of children and young people, it is very important that the highest standards of professionalism and evidence-based integrity are maintained. We believe that this is in the interests of all those teaching mindfulness and the adults and young people learning it.

You will be eligible to attend the School Mindfulness Lead Training if you:

  • Have trained to teach .b, Paws b or dots
  • Have delivered .b and/or Paws b at least twice to pupils in school.  Or have delivered one full course of dots.
  • Are employed by, or in long term relationship with, the school community in which .b Foundations will be taught to adults.
  • Have a commitment to regularly be ‘on the ground’ in and communicate with the school(s) as part of your lead role in helping develop a long-term, sustainable mindfulness model for the school(s)*
  • In order to support yourself as a mindfulness lead, as well as the groups of staff you will be working with, we recommend that you commit to adherence to the UK Good Practice Guidelines for mindfulness teaching

*Please note: This training course is not intended for teachers wishing to become freelance adult mindfulness teachers. If this is your intention, and you are interested in training to teach a schools-based mindfulness curriculum please refer to our 3-day Teach .b Foundations training for existing adult mindfulness teachers.