Marketing MiSP Courses


The MiSP, .b, Paws b, .breathe, dots, .b Foundations and any other logos you may see on the MiSP website and other documents are trademarked logos and are for MiSP’s exclusive use only.

As a trained .b, Paws b, .breathe, dots, .b Foundations teacher you have access to your own ‘Trained to Teach’ logo to use on your own website/for marketing and advertising purposes.

This is for your use only as a MiSP-trained teacher and must not be passed on to anyone who has not completed the appropriate training with MiSP or MiSP-approved training partners. It can be downloaded from the Hub, along with posters and other resources containing approved images and logos.

Images, Text and Other Materials

As a MiSP-trained teacher, you have access to a series of images such as posters and flyers through the Hub which you are free to use on your website.

As these materials have been created by MiSP. If you do use these on promotional materials, we would ask for acknowledgement of where the images come from or, better still, that you provide a link from them directly to the MiSP website.

If there is something specific you would like to use that can be found in any MiSP materials, please do contact to discuss your needs. If we are unable to give you access to certain materials, we may be able to recommend an alternative.

How You Describe Yourself

As someone who has trained with MiSP to teach a MiSP curriculum, you can describe yourself as a ‘Trained .b, Paws b, .breathe, dots, The Present, .b Foundations Teacher’ (delete as applicable).

You are not a ‘member of MiSP’, a ‘MiSP Teacher’ or ‘MiSP Trainer’.

The key is to make it clear that you are an independent teacher as opposed to an employee of MiSP.

Other websites

There are a few lovely examples of websites created by MiSP – trained teachers, and we would be happy to share the links to these with you if of interest.

If you have any further questions, please contact