.b Foundations research, findings and outcomes

A non-randomised feasibility trial assessing the efficacy of a mindfulness-based intervention for teachers to reduce stress and improve well-being

  • Authors: Beshai, S., McAlpine, L., Weare, K., and Kuyken, W.
  • Published: 2015


89 secondary school teachers and school staff in the UK participated in a mindfulness course designed specifically for educators, MiSP’s .b Foundations programme. After 9 sessions, those in the intervention group showed significant improvements in stress reduction, wellbeing, mindfulness, and self-compassion compared to the control group.

Self-compassion measures included lower self-judgment and increased self-kindness.

What MiSP learned

  1. .b Foundations is effective in improving teachers’ wellbeing, including stress, mindfulness and self-compassion.  
  2. MiSP continues to require that all teachers learn mindfulness themselves and continue to practice regularly before teaching it to children and young people. 
  3. The study has increased confidence in the value of mindfulness for teacher and school staff wellbeing. 


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