Meet our Together for Wellbeing London 10k Runners

We are so grateful to the runners taking part in the London 10k to raise funds for our Together for Wellbeing Campaign. Read on to find out more about them and their inspirational reasons for taking part.

Hi, I’m Lucy. I was a class teacher for 25 years and during this time began to notice greater & greater levels of anxiety arising in the school community – from the pupils themselves through to the staff and parents. I felt very passionate about wanting to make a change in whatever way I could and so trained with the MiSP in 2013. I was so inspired by the likeminded people I met during this time that I decided to bite the bullet – resign from teaching and set up my own mindfulness company

I haven’t looked back. Over the past 11 years I have delivered .b and paws.b packages in a range of primary and secondary schools across Hertfordshire. The children are so engaged with the sessions and are able to create such empowering strong silences when they are practicing mindfulness. They have said things like “If it wasn’t for you teaching me how to be mindful I wouldn’t come in to school” and “It makes me feel so safe and steady.” I also support staff who have said things to me like “Every time I see you around school I remember to pause and breathe” … one teacher even used her 7/11 breathing technique to help her through the pain of a lumbar puncture!
Throughout my training for the London 10k I keep picturing all the children, staff and parents who I have helped deal with a range of situations which his has been so motivating – the only thing that has got me through some of the runs in fact! I’m not a natural athlete! Next month as I pound the pavements of London alongside my MiSP companions I will be running for every child. In every school. Because mindfulness is for everyone. If any of you are coming along to support us on July 14th please shout words of encouragement on as we splutter over the finish line! (Mindfully of course!)

Hi, I’m Nat and I am very proud to be taking on the London 10k in order to raise funds for the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MISP).
I have been a trustee of the charity for almost 2.5 years and the purpose of MISP is one I feel very strongly about having seen and experienced the impact mental health challenges have had on myself and my close family in recent years. I have a 3 year old daughter and feel passionately about contributing to the future support she receives during her pathway through school and the many influences that now surround growing up in our society. The MISP courses and training provide teachers, children and the wider school community with the structure and basic skills to build focus, resilience and a more thoughtful and sustainable response when everything surrounding young children today seems pretty chaotic – a mandatory part of any curriculum in my view.
I’m excited to join my esteemed colleagues at MISP for what will no doubt be an uplifting day and a chance to celebrate the impact they have together…now I’d better get stuck into that training plan!


If you would like to get involved you can find out more about how you can support MiSP here