Mapping Our Curricula

Exploring the Relationship between Mindfulness (The MiSP Mindfulness Curricula) and Personal, Social and Health Education

MiSP’s curricula are not designed with an intention to adhere to any specific national curricula criteria. Instead they are supported by well-researched theory and practice from the spheres of mindfulness, neuroscience and social and emotional learning. However, the breadth of learning arising out of these approaches sits well with many aspects of prescribed and national curricula.

To get the most out of the curricula maps we would recommend reading the introductory exploration below first (or download it as a PDF via the link at the bottom of the page), as it is essential for providing context and outlining the intentions for the mapping alongside a broader understanding of how mindfulness and PSHE might work together in educational settings.




Whole school approaches

Overarching aims and outcomes in PSHE and in Mindfulness

How mindfulness can enhance a school’s approach to teaching and learning in PSHE

Delivering an integrated approach to PSHE and Mindfulness

Meeting Ofsted requirements for Personal Development

What is in this exploration and how does it work?