Private Group Courses

If you find that you have a sufficient number of staff in your school who are interested in the benefits of mindfulness, a private in-house course can be an effective and economical way to bring mindfulness to your school.

There are many reasons for staff to attend one of our courses, the main ones being:

Effective & Sustainable

A core group of staff exploring and practising mindfulness can enable the creation of a more mindful environment for your entire school community. An holistic approach to mindfulness is both more sustainable and more effective and avoids the ‘lone voice’ aspect which often accompanies the introduction of a new method or approach.

Better Value

Coupled with this a private group course provides economies of scale in terms of training costs and represents incredibly good value for money. We provide significantly discounted rates to come to your school to run a group course, and you and your colleagues avoid the travel and time costs of attending a public course at one of our city venues.

A recent report by the Teacher Development Trust found that CPD is linked to improved results for pupils, plus better staff morale and retention. If these objectives are on your School Improvement Plan, running mindfulness training within your school community can form part of your wider school strategy.

You can read about sources of funding for mindfulness training here.

Which Courses Qualify?

For schools new to mindfulness, these courses are particularly well suited to private groups:

For schools who already have a core group of staff who have undertaken an 8 week adult mindfulness course, these courses are well suited to private groups:

Other support

We also know that some school leaders welcome expert hands-on advice about how to implement a mindfulness programme in their school. We can provide bespoke support and advice for your school to guide you through your mindfulness journey and help you plot your roadmap for introducing mindfulness for your staff, your children and young people, and your wider community.

What next?

Get in touch! We would welcome any questions you have about bringing mindfulness to your school and running private group courses for your staff.