Schools Sit Together for Children’s Mental Health Week 2020

The Mindfulness in Schools Project community is coming together to mark Children’s Mental Health Week 2020 and to raise awareness of the need for young people to develop skills to support their own wellbeing, both inside and out.

We are inviting teachers and students from primary and secondary schools all over the world who have introduced mindfulness to join the MiSP team for a mindful sit during the week of 3rd to the 7th February 2020.

Join In

All schools need to do is identify a group of students and/or staff who would like to take part in a mindfulness practice for around ten minutes and decide on a place and time to meet during the week. The sit can be silent, led by a teacher, or use a free audio download of one of the MiSP .b practices or perhaps the ‘Playing Attention’ animation below to guide the sit the choice is yours!

Join Us

The MiSP Team will sit together at 12pm on Wednesday 5th Feb, so schools are free to join us or choose another time that suits them.

Register in advance to join us by clicking here.


We are encouraging participating schools to share their sits with us on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #SchoolsSitTogether and there will be a certificate and online badge for those that complete it, for you to display on your school website along with posters to let others know what you are doing.

To promote your sit and to make sure people respect the silence on the day itself you can download our posters (including Welsh language versions) and, when you’ve completed your sit you might want to give out our participation certificates to those who took part.

MiSP is aiming to bring mindfulness to as many children as it can. #SchoolsSitTogether is part of that initiative, so please let us know how many of your students participate or, better still, send us a photo of the group who took part before or after your sit (make sure you get consent to do so) and we’ll list your school on our website!