Terms and Conditions (Teaching the .b Foundations course)

Please read carefully and print off a copy of this agreement between you and Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) for future reference. By applying and completing the Teach .b Foundations course you are confirming your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Intellectual property

1.1 At all times, MiSP remains the owner of the intellectual property of the .b Foundations courses and the accompanying course materials. You may not modify, adapt, copy, reproduce, re-publish, translate, make available, disseminate or distribute in anyway any of the Materials provided on the course and made available online via the Teachers’ Network other than as covered in 1.3.

1.2. No course or course materials, nor any part thereof may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of MiSP.

1.3. You may seek permission from MiSP to translate the materials for your own personal teaching and on acceptance of the terms and conditions laid out in MiSP’s Personal Translation Agreement.

The course content, teaching materials and on going support

Copyright of the course belongs to MiSP.

2.1. Using the materials provided

i) Materials must not be copied or shared except for teaching by MiSP certified teachers.

ii) Materials must not be amended or adapted without the specific permission of and in collaboration with MiSP.

The Hub

2.2 The course includes six months complimentary membership of the MiSP teachers’ networkThe Hub, from where all materials can be downloaded, along with other resources. At the end of the six months, membership will be available at a cost of £90 inc VAT per annum. The annual fee will be reviewed each year.

You are still able to lead the course if you are not a member of The Hub but you will not have access to any new materials or any other updated resources on The Hub.

Your membership of The Hub is exclusively for you as a trained .b Foundations teacher, and must not be shared with any other teachers, including those trained to teach the curriculum. This is the case even if your employer or someone else had paid for you to train to teach .b Foundations or to have on going access to The Hub.

Teaching the .b Foundations course

In order to teach the curriculum you must have been granted a Certificate of Training from MiSP or an authorised partner.

3.1 You will be acting as an independent teacher, any publicity materials should make it clear you are trained by MiSP or partner but you are not an employee of MiSP

3.2 It is your responsibility to organise the necessary insurance cover required to teach the .b Foundations course. You will not be covered by MiSP’s insurance.

3.3. A ‘Trained to Teach’ logo is available for use on your website and in publicity materials and you may not use any other MiSP logos without prior written permission from MiSP.

3.4 .b Foundations teachers must adhere to the guidance document ‘Who the Curriculum is for’ (see Appendix 1 below)

3.5 The group size for a .b Foundations course should be limited to 20 participants and 15 for less experienced teachers. For a taster session, there is no prescribed limit to the number of participants, though you should consider how many people you are comfortable delivering to.

3.6 As a member of the MiSP Teachers’ Network, .b Foundations teachers can list themselves on an online map on our website so you can be contacted by schools or educational organisations.

3.7 The .b Foundations teacher will be self-employed, so we are not in a position to instruct you on what to charge. Of course, it will vary from region to region and according to the size of group, type of school, travel time and experience etc, all we ask is that the fee you charge is reasonable and affordable for all schools. This is key to the integrity of the work we do, and our aim to increase the accessibility and sustainability of mindfulness provision within schools.

Marketing the .b Foundations course

3.8. MiSP is the owner of the intellectual property of the .b Foundations course and the accompanying course materials, please refer to clause 1.1.

3.9 You should make it clear in all publicity materials i.e. websites, flyers and on social media that although you have been trained by MiSP or a partner of MiSP you are not an employee of MiSP.

3.91 A ‘Trained to Teach’ logo is available for use on your website and in publicity materials. This should not be modified or altered in any way.

MiSP and .b Foundations are trademarked logos and cannot be used without prior written permission from MiSP, apart from .b Foundations materials provided in the Teachers’ Network.

3.92 In marketing and publicising the .b Foundations course, MiSP requests you acknowledge that all materials, including the publicity materials made available on the Teachers’ Network, belong to Mindfulness in Schools Project and link any information provided to our website.

3.93 To ensure consistency and quality, MiSP requests you read the guidelines for marketing yourself and the course. Please click here to view these guidelines.

3.94 Do not cut and paste images from the MiSP website, particularly those of children.

3.95 The domain name of your website must not include .b, .b Foundations, Paws b, dotbe, MiSP or any wording to indicate you are working in association with Mindfulness in Schools Project.

Data protection

MiSP is registered under the provisions of the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and keeps any personal data about you in confidence. We would like to keep in touch and let you know about MiSP news, new courses and events which may be of interest to you. If you would prefer not to receive such information please contact us at enquiries@mindfulnessinschools.org.


MiSP has the right to update or amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. These terms and conditions are available on MiSP’s website.

I agree to allow MiSP use of photographs and video footage taken of me during MiSP training in publications, press articles, promotional material and on the website.

Contact us

Mindfulness in Schools Project, Bank House, Bank Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1BL

Email: enquiries@mindfulnessinschools.org

Issued by Mindfulness in Schools Project on 15th August 2017

Appendix 1: Guidance for .b Foundations Teachers: Who is the curriculum for?

Please use the following guidance when considering who the .b Foundations course can be used with:

1 – What has the course been designed for?

.b Foundations has been designed to (1) develop foundations in mindfulness for teachers and other adults working with young people in school settings, and at the same time, (2) to connect with the .b (11-18) and Paws b (7-11) courses for young people.

2 – Who can it be offered to?

Therefore .b Foundations CAN be offered:

  1. i) through a school (or educational establishment) to its adult community, such as teachers, staff, governors and parents
  2. i) as a public course as long as it marketed for:

– adults working with young people in school settings

– parents of children in a school where .b or Paws b are taught

– adults working in the field of teacher development and training

3 – What are some Examples of what is acceptable?

The following are acceptable:

A course run through a school for teachers, staff and parents

  • A course run through a school for interested parents
  • A public course with teachers
  • A public course with teachers, school administrators, others working in education, or parents of children in a school where .b or Paws b is taught

The following are not acceptable:

  • A public course with the general public
  • A public course with parents whose children are not at a school offering .b or Paws b

4 – Frequently Asked Questions

a) I want to run a public course for teachers and educational staff, how should I word my advertising?

This .b Foundations course develops foundations in mindfulness for:

  • Teachers, staff and adults working with young people in school settings
  • parents of children at schools receiving .b or Paws b

b) I think this course would work well as a general public course, why can’t I use it for this purpose?

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy have proven their efficacy as general public courses, and .b Foundations has been designed for adults in a schools setting. We recognise that the Frantic World course and other adapted curricula are being taught to the general public, and you may feel that .b Foundations would fit well in this context. However, we would like to really test out this curriculum in the setting it has been designed for, to get feedback on its strengths and areas for development. If we have research findings and positive feedback that supports expanding the remit of .b Foundations, we could then consider this with confidence.

In addition, the mission of Mindfulness in Schools Project and .b is “Bringing mindfulness to young people and those who care for them”. Working in schools is our field of expertise and it would be inappropriate currently for the .b brand and materials to be used in areas which do not fit within this mission.

c) I think this course would work well as a general public mindfulness course for parents, why can’t I use it for this purpose?

A mindful parenting course would be designed differently to .b Foundations, and also the connection to .b or Paws b will only be present where parents have children at schools where these courses are being offered.

d) Can I use aspects of the .b Foundations curriculum in other mindfulness courses I run?

We ask that you don’t use the PowerPoint resources or anything with the .b or .b Foundations logo on it. If you wish to use an activity or element of the course that is fine, and good practice would be to reference where it comes from.

e) I would like to discuss these guidelines further. Please email us at enquiries@mindfulnessinschools.org