Essential Reading About .b / Paws b: FAQs

Please read carefully through the following questions and answers, many of which come up regularly during Teach .b and Teach Paws b training courses. If you have any further questions about any of the following, feel free to ask your lead trainer during your training course or contact:

On the training course

What happens if I need to miss a part of the training course?

Where and how should .b / Paws b be taught?

I have a shorter/longer amount of time to teach the lessons than suggested. How would this work?

Can I teach .b / Paws b to adults?

Can I teach .b / Paws b to colleagues or parents?

Can I offer .b / Paws b as a public course (ie outside of a formal youth-focused organisation)?

Is there evidence that .b / Paws b do harm?

Should I inform parents about the course?

Should .b / Paws b be optional?

How can we build a spiralling curriculum? What about other year groups/after we’ve taught the initial Paws b / .b course?

Has .b been used with anyone older than 18?

For self-employed teachers/those working outside of schools

How do I approach a school?

I am not employed within a school. What do I need to consider?

How much should I charge for teaching .b / Paws b?

Marketing the .b / Paws b courses

What materials can I use to promote myself or the course?

What next? Accessing Resources and the Teachers’ Network

How do I access my teaching resources?

Why do I have to pay an additional fee to access the Teachers’ Network 6 months after training?

How do .b students access the website?

About the curriculum and the resources

.b / Paws b seems very static. Why isn’t there more movement?

Why are the PowerPoint presentations for .b and Paws b sealed?

How can I play materials on a Mac Computer/ Difficulty in getting film clips to play?

After Training

What next? How do I embed mindfulness in my school?

Why can’t I now go on a train colleagues to teach .b / Paws b?

How do I become a .b / Paws b teacher trainer?

Other areas of MiSP’s work

Does MiSP have a curriculum for children under the age of 7 years?

What is MYRIAD and how is MiSP linked?

Is it true that there is a .b course for clinical groups?

Does MiSP ever work with other organisations in offering training?

Does MiSP offer staff INSET or CPD sessions?

International attendees and translations

Can I translate .b / Paws b into another language?

Will MiSP be offering any more international training courses?