SEND-supportive versions of .b now available

In line with our aim to make our curricula as accessible as possible, we are creating special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) supportive versions of student-facing materials.

These materials consider the difficulties experienced by some when reading text, and allow for the sounding out of written text to facilitate ease of reading. In consultation with experienced SEND teachers and practitioners, we have included the use of Comic Sans font of at least 12-14 point, increased kerning (space between letters), and increased leading (line spacing). In addition, we have used single colour backgrounds, higher contrast levels between background and text, and greater space between images where possible.

We are delighted to announce that initial SEND-supportive versions of the Powerpoint shows and student handouts for the .b curriculum are now in the Hub and you can find them under ‘.b current version’. We hope to publish SEND-supportive versions of Paws b and. breathe teaching materials later this year.

We welcome further feedback and suggestions on making our curricula more accessible so that we can continue to improve our resources and invite you to join us at our next Inclusion and Support Group meetings, taking place in a few weeks’ time, where we meet to discuss these issues. Please find further information, and register to attend, here.

There were also many helpful tips in the recent webinar provided by the British Dyslexia Association as part of our ‘Inviting the Experts…’ series. You can watch the video of this session, read the notes and revisit the slides by following this link or under the ‘Supporting your teaching’ tab in the Hub.