Surgeries to support your teaching

At MiSP, we are always looking for ways to help and support you after training to teach our curricula and so, it has been with great excitement, that we have recently launched our ‘teacher surgeries’ for our trained teachers. We have been delighted to hear how useful they have been to the teachers that came along.

These informal sessions are 90 minutes and MiSP Hub members are welcome to come along with a specific question or theme to cover and the MiSP team will offer any tips, guidance or further information to help you. The opportunity to work with you face-to-face (on Zoom) is really important to us and these sessions give us all space and time to connect. It’s also okay to simply turn up and listen to what is being raised by others as often common themes arise that can be of help to everyone.

Some examples of the questions and themes discussed are below and we are hoping to use these to update our Top Tips advice in the Hub so you can be sure of the latest guidance in one place.

  • How can you structure Paws b over a number of years in the same school?
  • How can we manage lessons post lockdown?
  • What if no-one talks during enquiry?
  • How do I pitch the ‘hot cross bun’ of experience in teenagers’ talk?
  • How do I deal with reluctant learners?
  • What to do when pupils find it difficult to recognise any feelings or emotions
  • Pupils are not doing home practice. How can we encourage them?

So, if these issues, or other things are coming up in your lessons and you’d like to chat them through or simply spend some time with people delivering our course and share ideas please come along to a surgery for the curricula you are trained to teach.

Upcoming surgeries are listed below and on our Course Schedule, these surgeries are FREE to Hub members so please consider renewing if you haven’t already done so:

  • .b Teacher Surgery (Alternative Provision Settings) 20th May, 4.00pm
  • Paws b Teacher Surgery 24th May, 4.00pm
  • .b Teacher Surgery 25th May, 4.00pm
  • dots Teacher Surgery 28th June, 4.00pm

You can find more information about the surgeries on our Teaching Surgeries page, or, if you are a Hub member, login and go to the Teacher Surgeries Hub page to register for FREE.