The Ten Lessons

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    • An Introduction

      An introductory lesson persuades young people that mindfulness is worth learning about by making it relevant to their lives.

    • 1. Playing Attention

      Lesson One introduces students to this thing we call our “attention” which, like a puppy, needs to be trained.

    • 2. Taming the Animal Mind

      Lesson Two explores different mind states and teaches that ‘anchoring’ attention in the body, alongside the cultivation of curiosity and kindness, can be calming and nourishing.

    • 3. Recognising Worry

      Lesson Three explains the tricks our mind plays that lead to stress and anxiety, and gives us techniques to deal with them.

    • 4. Being Here Now

      Lesson Four comes to the heart of mindfulness and teaches us how to respond, rather than react, to whatever happens in our lives.

    • 5. Moving Mindfully

      Lesson Five shows us that mindfulness is not just something we do sitting or lying down. It also looks at high performance in sport.

    • 6. Stepping Back

      Lesson Six offers us a new way of relating to our thoughts. We don’t have to let them carry us away to places we’d rather not be.

    • 7. Befriending the Difficult

      Lesson Seven deals with the greatest challenge of all: dealing with difficult emotions.

    • 8. Taking in the Good

      Lesson Eight focuses on gratitude and the ‘heartfulness’ of taking in & savouring what is ‘good’ in life.

    • 9. Putting it all together

      Lesson Nine consolidates the key techniques from .b and inspires students to use what they have learned in the future.