Top Tips: Can I train to teach others to deliver the MiSP curricula?

Can I train to teach others to deliver the MiSP curricula?

If you have attended a Train to Teach course, you are trained to deliver that curriculum to children. But you are not trained to train others to deliver the curricula!

We know that the desire to pass on what you have learned to colleagues can be very powerful and comes with good intentions. But training other adults to teach our curriculum so that they are well equipped to deliver it to children requires very specific skills and experience. That is why we make it a very clear condition of attending our courses that only MiSP certified teachers are granted access to our materials. This is to ensure that every teacher delivering our curricula to children and young people does so having met appropriate prerequisites and received suitable training.

Our team of MiSP trainers are highly skilled and experienced individuals, both in terms of mindfulness experience and classroom teaching. They have had to go through a rigorous training programme to qualify to deliver MiSP courses. It is this thorough process that ensures trainer competency, integrity and quality of experience for those attending our courses. This in turn, ensures that we optimise the learning experience for children and young people so that they can access as many of the benefits of mindfulness as possible.

You therefore cannot train others to deliver our curricula or ask other teachers to cover MiSP lessons in your school. You have already agreed to this in the terms and conditions you have accepted when attending our courses.


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