School Mindfulness Lead Residential training

Part of MiSP’s charitable aim is to build a sustainable approach to mindfulness in schools. MiSP has therefore been working with schools who have already begun the pathway to sustainable models of mindfulness in schools.

One key role has emerged – the School Mindfulness Lead (or Leads) – a person or persons who develops and facilitates a sustainable model within the school.

A School Mindfulness Lead does this by:

  • Developing a strategy around where mindfulness might fit within the school day and within the broader culture of the school.
  • Teaching mindfulness to students with the aim of spiralled learning both within and across year groups.
  • Teaching mindfulness to staff to promote health and well-being among the wider staff body as well as starting more staff members on their journey towards eligibility to train to teach mindfulness to students.
  • In some cases, teaching mindfulness to parents and other adults within the school community to build a network of support and understanding, while increasing the potential of health and well-being for both young people and those who care for them.

What does the School Mindfulness Lead Residential Training involve?

School Mindfulness Lead Residential Training is a programme developing the skills needed to lead a sustainable approach to mindfulness in schools. During this training, you will learn to:

  • Train to teach .b Foundations, a schools-based adult mindfulness curriculum, to staff, parents and other adults in your school community
  • Learn how to develop sustainable systems of support for students and adults practising mindfulness in your school community.

Having completed your training you will receive:

  • Comprehensive materials and teachers notes for delivery of the .b Foundations course.
  • Quarterly News Letter sharing ideas and views about mindfulness in education
  • Dedicated School Mindfulness Lead webinars/forums and teacher network events to connect mindfulness leads from different schools for peer support.

The School Mindfulness Lead Training forms part of a broader pathway of development. For an outline of this pathway, please click here.


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