20 Tips #1: Networking

Welcome to MiSP’s series of 20 Top Tips for 2020. We have gathered together the 20 questions we are asked most often and, using a decade’s worth of experience in delivering mindfulness in schools, plus the experiences of our mindfulness community of more than 5,000 trained teachers, we provide the answers!

#1: Where can I network with other MiSP trained teachers?

We know that training to teach mindfulness to children and young people with MiSP is a unique experience and there is often a great sense of community and warmth with other participants on the course. We hope to support our trained teachers and provide opportunities to continue to develop your relationships within our community.

There are several ways that you can network with other MiSP trained teachers:

  • Come to the next Reconnection/CPD day in London on Friday, 23rd January 2020 or in Manchester on Thursday, 30th April 2020.  It’s open to all Paws b and .b trained teachers and is only £50+VAT for the day! As part of the day, we will be taking you through the new .breathe curriculum and you will receive a set of the Teach .breathe Teachers Booklets.
  • We would love to see you at this year’s Conference in June 2020.  The Conference will have a different format this time and there will be opportunities to connect with others on the day.  If you are a Hub member, don’t forget to use your discounted ticket code which can be found in the Hub. Book your tickets!
  • Less formally, we host a regular Hub member sitting group that we would highly recommend you join. There are two sits per month via Zoom video conferencing, and these are a great way of sharing your own mindfulness practice with other MiSP trained teachers.  You can register for the sits in the Hub – they are free to join for Hub members. We hope to see you there!
  • You can also follow our work on our Facebook page, and join our growing MiSP Community Facebook Group where you can connect with other teachers. We hope this will become an invaluable platform to give and receive help from other trained teachers. Also do follow us on Twitter @dotbschools where there are many relevant exchanges about our work and the wider educational context.
  • If you have questions which MiSP can help with, please email enquiries@mindfulnessinschools.org for general information or support@mindfulnessinschools.org for teacher support and technical advice.
  • The other way to network with other teachers is via the MiSP Trained Teacher maps. There you can seek out local trained teachers who are often very happy to have someone nearby for mutual support.
  • Finally, depending on interest levels, we would like to set up:
    1. A buddy system where we match trained teachers with others delivering the same MiSP curriculum in a similar setting, so that you can provide support and encouragement to each other
    2. A mentor system where you can receive direct mentoring and guidance from experienced MiSP curricula teachers.

If you would like to be involved with either of these potential initiatives, please email support@mindfulnessinschools.org to register your interest.

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