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Pathways Step 2 - coming in the Autumn!

Supporting you as you develop your personal mindfulness practice The stage of development, following an eight week course, where you continue to develop your personal mindfulness practice, can feel a bit isolated if we don’t have other people around us who practice. It’s also a period of time where we might want to build on […]

Making mindfulness accessible for more audiences

Guest blog by Tim Anfield who is an associate trainer with the Mindfulness in Schools Project, a Mindfulness in Action trainer and founder of Mindful Families. “a passion to help make mindfulness accessible for more audiences…” I started teaching adult mindfulness in 2016, with a passion to help make mindfulness accessible for more audiences. The […]

A Journey of Mindfulness for Japanese Children with MiSP

Guest blog by Michiko Ashitani, Professor of Shiga University, Clinical psychologist, and mindfulness (MBSR) Teacher A project to promote mindfulness for Japanese children has been taking place in Japan for a number of years now, launched by Michiko Ashitani (Professor of Shiga University, Clinical psychologist, MBSR Teacher), Yashi Ito (Physicians, Certified MBSR Teacher Trainer) and […]

Mindfulness? More than ever!

Guest blog by Chris Alekkou, Primary School Teacher & Associate Trainer for MiSP “slowly, slowly, mindfulness will hopefully begin to help my colleagues in the same way it has helped me, and the practice and its approach might become a bigger part of school life.” I am one of those few lucky ones that knew, […]

MiSP in the Netherlands

Mindfulness in Schools Project is delighted to have agreements with a small number of organisations to run our courses outside of the UK. We have worked closely with these international organisations to ensure that they are able to maintain the integrity and quality of our courses and that they have a suitably qualified, professional local […]

Don’t adjust your set – there is a problem with reality

Guest blog by David Bignell, Associate Trainer for MiSP These are challenging times for everyone working in the public sector for reasons that everyone knows – can mindfulness help? My answer based on my personal experience of twenty years as a primary school headteacher is yes it can. Why? Well, we can’t control external events […]

Reflections on the news this week

By Emily Slater, CEO of the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) Just as we were about to press send on our latest newsletter, the sad news of the death of Ruth Perry, headteacher of Caversham Primary School in Reading (UK), hit the media. Our thoughts are clearly first and foremost with Ruth’s family, friends, colleagues […]

Seriously Playing

Guest blog by MiSP’s Co-founder and Chair, Richard Burnett There are many apparent paradoxes in mindfulness practice. You are being asked to apply yourself but without trying too hard; you have to learn to get out of the way of yourself; surely there must be a reason for doing it, but you are told not […]